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The home you stay in contains items you can dump, recycle or donate. Once you are done using items around you, you tend to either throw them away or reuse the ones that are useful. You need to recycle each item in your possession in the required procedure. Some countries and cities provide special bins to separate used recyclable items like metals or plastics. There are many fun ways of reducing waste at your home by recycling what is used. You will actually save money by following instructions, you will also have fun while at it.
Here are some recommendations from us;

  • Makeup gloss
    It is easy to produce lip gloss at home. If you are a lady, this is a product you must have in your purse. It makes you beautiful and protects your lips. You can create it by melting some of your leftover lipstick and lip balm together.
  • Maketoys for your kids
    You can use old tuna cans to create dummy phones. Your kids can play with them. You need strings, old cans, and some glue. There are some tutorials online to follow. If you are good at it, you can sell some of the excess toys.
  • Feed worms
    There is a high demand for worms by farmers. You can buy some worms and feed them with leftover food. The worms add nutrition to the soil. If you have a kitchen garden, the worms can help you get better and bigger plants.
  • Make ice
    You can use juice or milk cartons to create ice. Ice is very important during hot periods. It even slows down swelling. Take a used an empty carton, rinse it then fill it up with water. Place it in the freezer. You will have your ice in a few hours.
  • Prevent rust or oil spillage
    There are many plastic lids in your home. You can use collect some of them and use to protect some items in your home. Oil jars and metal containers tend to damage surfaces or leave rust marks. Place a plastic lid under a jar or can of aerosols. You will never have rust issues again.
  • Store leftover food
    Use empty plastic containers to store your leftover food. This way you can place them in the fridge and preserve them for another day.
  • Old towels as mops
    There are a number of old towels that take up space in people’s homes. If you fall on this list, we have an idea on how you can reuse your towels. Take the old towels and cut them up into smaller pieces. Use them as floor mops.
    Go around your house and find items you can recycle.

Recycling can be confusing and tedious at times. The chief aim of recycling is to reduce the need for manufacturing and in turn, reduce waste. If something is broken in your home, chances are high that you throw it away. The cardinal rule in recycling is repairing and reusing broken or unused products. The significant act of recycling helps save a substantial percentage of energy costs, associated with manufacturing.
It is critical to recycle all clutter in your home. Don’t recycle what you do not like. So how do you recycle products from home? Over here are a few pointers;

  • With regards to home improvement, there are some primary things to note.
    You can use rechargeable flashlights during a power outage. If rechargeable batteries are not unavailable in your location, you can buy batteries that have a lower content of mercury.
    If you have enough daytime light, it would be sensible to turn off your lights.
  • Outdoors
    Ashes left after burning wood should not be thrown away. You can combine them with your compost. This provided good nutrients for plants.
    Gather all food waste to produce compost. Adding compost to your soil will increase retention of water and decrease erosion of soil.

Here are some more effective ways of recycling conventional products found at home;

  • Aerosol cans/bottles
    Items that fall into this category are shaving foam, perfumes, air fresheners, hair sprays. To dispose of them, you must make sure that they are empty. Place in a separate bin that contains hazardous materials.
  • aluminum cans
    Items that fall under this category include food cans and foils. After cleaning them, you should place them in a bin with other hazardous materials.
  • Plastics
    Items that fall under this category include water bottles, yogurt bottles, milk jug, soap containers. Make sure you clean these products. Once clean you can slash them up and utilize them as flower pots or in drip irrigation.
    • Batteries
    This is typically the batteries you use with your television remote, toy car remotes and any other battery powered device. They are hazardous because of the mercury they contain. Place them in appropriate bins. There are companies that buy back used batteries. You should consider them.
  • Rubber
    Car tires can be sold to factories that recycle such. They are often recycled and produced into bicycle tires or shoe soles.
  • Home appliances
    Home appliances include vacuum cleaners, microwaves, lamp stands, extension cables, chargers, home theatres, toasters, rice cookers, coffee makers, fridges, cookers etc. It is advisable to dispose of them and earn some cash. If you feel philanthropic you can donate them to the less fortunate.

You can have fun with some plastics in your home by converting them to plastic lamps, beads, bags, and necklaces. The list is endless. Recycling products from home are fun when you do it the right way.