What To Consider When Preparing A Program For Celebration Of Life Service

In case you are in charge of making the preparations of a celebration of life service, it is important to make a program that will guide the ceremony. However, this is not a walk in the park as it requires a lot of research and knowledge about the type of ceremony that you will be planning for.  A program is very important as it is what the host will use to run the ceremony. Nevertheless, you should never be worried in case it is your first time, as there are very many program templates that you can find online. This article will therefore outline what you need to consider when preparing a program for a celebration of life service.

A good photograph of the deceased

Before you can start embarking in preparing a program of a CHFA celebration of life service, it is first of all very essential to know the reason why the ceremony is being held. The sole mandate for the celebration of life service is to celebrate the life of the deceased and not to grieve as there is no body involved in the ceremony. This being the case therefore, the program that you prepare must show the purpose of the ceremony upfront. There is nothing that can bring that to the fore other than a photograph of the deceased which ought to be used as the cover of the program.

Consider the flow of speakers

It is worth noting that a Dockside celebration of life service program sole mandate is to ensure smooth flow of the ceremony. In the ceremony therefore, there are a number of speakers who will be expected to talk especially the family members of the deceased and friends. In normal proceedings of the celebration of life service, the last speaker ought to be the most important and as such, it is important to consider how you have allocated the time for the speakers to make their speech. Always consider giving the members of the family the last word by making them speak last.

Take great attention to time

As the saying goes time is money and as such, you need to ensure that the celebration of life service program runs smoothly. When allocating the time for each speaker or any performance, it is important to indicate the time that each speaker is allocated, so as to curtail people speaking for too long. In addition, this helps the speakers to prepare themselves adequately for the amount of time that they are allocated. In addition, consider the date and the location where the ceremony is supposed to be held so as to avoid confusion. 

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